zondag 3 mei 2009

Olivia Palermo

Haven't had time to blog in a while. Have been busy with my internship at a small NGO. My internship was supposed to come to an end on the first of May, but I was asked to stay a while longer(until July/August). Well, it was kind of a tempting offer and I took it. This means that I will spend most of my time in the office and at conferences though.

As my personal style is kind of "out there", I always have to take into account what I can or cannot wear to the office. I am a fan of hippie-style-print-dresses and most of them are unfortunately not appropriate to wear to the office. The last few months have thus been kind of a fashion "slump" for me.

I like smart, simple, put-together looks, but somehow I always end up over-accessorized. I admire women who can pull off simple looks.

Olivia Palermo, socialite and one of the main-characters in the The Hills-spin off; The City, is one of those women. She is so impossibly chic and can pull off that simple, smart look very, very well. Sigh.

Ha! She likes the hippie-print-dresses too!

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