vrijdag 12 juni 2009


I'm not a big jewelry-fan. I don't like to wear rings, they annoy me, but I do have periods that I like to wear a bunch of bracelets and bangles. I don't like matchy-matchy jewelry or the typical "bling" stuff. No swarovski for me. I am a sucker for "old-looking" boho stuff. Most of my jewelry comes from markets, small shops or from shoppingsprees on vacation, but there are a few big brands that I do love.

Pilgrim, for example. This Danish jewelry line mixes boho with luxury and I love it. Buying an item really feels like a treat.

spring 09 collection "Flowers and Pearls"

charm collection

charm collection

The second jewelryline that I love and would buy as soon as I'm not a poor student anymore is Soho Hearts. It's designed by a Dutch woman, living in New York and the line is quite succesful over there.

dinsdag 9 juni 2009

Good initiatives!

I would like to ask your attention for two initiatives.

The first initiative is the 1% Club. Founded by a group of people who think that extreme poverty can me solved by cooperation of the world population. The idea behind this club is that if everyone invests ONE percent of their time, knowledge and or money in helping the poor in this world, world poverty can become history. It is not unrealistic to believe in this concept, I know for sure this can be done. Because, as they say at the one percent club: If we can write an encyclopedia together (wikipedia), why can't we work together to end poverty?

Here's their website: http://www.1procentclub.nl/ Make sure to check out the report on the 1% Event that took place on the fifth of June!

Another initiative that I came across on facebook is a website called "Wij blijven hier!". A blog edited by young muslims who want to stay in the Netherlands, despite all the negative voices concerning the Islam in Dutch politics and society. A refreshing and inspiring view! Please see their website: http://www.wijblijvenhier.nl/