vrijdag 12 juni 2009


I'm not a big jewelry-fan. I don't like to wear rings, they annoy me, but I do have periods that I like to wear a bunch of bracelets and bangles. I don't like matchy-matchy jewelry or the typical "bling" stuff. No swarovski for me. I am a sucker for "old-looking" boho stuff. Most of my jewelry comes from markets, small shops or from shoppingsprees on vacation, but there are a few big brands that I do love.

Pilgrim, for example. This Danish jewelry line mixes boho with luxury and I love it. Buying an item really feels like a treat.

spring 09 collection "Flowers and Pearls"

charm collection

charm collection

The second jewelryline that I love and would buy as soon as I'm not a poor student anymore is Soho Hearts. It's designed by a Dutch woman, living in New York and the line is quite succesful over there.

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